‘Kolba-e-Ma’: Social hubs for Afghan returnees in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces

The Afghan society has experienced large scale population movements inside and outside the country for several decades. Younger generation of Afghans born in other countries mainly know their society through their parents, elders or the media. While such linkages provide exciting connections to Afghan way of life they are perhaps not enough to replace the experience of living within the society. Their return to the country brings a complex set of issues which require a degree of mutual understanding between them and their host communities in order for these issues not to adversely affect social relationship. Kolba-e Ma is a social project designed to foster positive and productive relationships and better understanding among all members of the society, so everyone, regardless of their differences, can achieve their full potential. The project fosters social re-connection and cohesion through socializing activities and facilitates access to livelihood and income generation projects.